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Overhead Cost Optimization

In many companies the importance of overhead purchasing expenses plays a subordinate role since they focus on material groups with large volumes such as the procurement of commodities. Furthermore, some overhead purchasing expenses are still negotiated without involving the purchasing department (e.g. negotiations of the IT-Hardware through the IT department) which results in higher purchasing costs and therefore in saving potentials.

Reduction of overhead expenses through professional optimization

Spring Procurement regularly conducts projects in order to optimize overhead purchasing expenses and therefore gathers substantial knowledge and benchmarks in this area. Although overhead expenses only count for a little part of the overall procurement costs, we are still able to regularly realize savings by up to 20%.

Regularly optimized overhead expenses

  • Office supplies and copy paper
  • Energy (Power, Gas)
  • Parcel services
  • Communication (landline, cell phones, data cards, internet)
  • Facility management (cleaning, property maintenance, safeguarding services, etc.)
  • Printing expenses
  • Means of advertising
  • Car pool (vehicle procurement, tyres, gas cards, etc.)
  • Travel expenses
  • IT-hardware (notebooks, server, serverhousing etc.)
  • IT-software (licenses)
  • IT-accessories and supplies (toner, USB-sticks, mice, keyboard etc.)
  • Printing solutions
  • Credit-worthiness information
  • Banking conditions
  • Payroll accounting
  • Financial auditor
  • Tax consultant