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Procurement Optimization

With holistic procurement optimization we help our clients to realize significant financial, strategic and operational improvements. Furthermore, we focus on a reduction of dependencies through extensive optimization of the procurement portfolio while maintaining or even improving our client's product quality and supplier performance. In all optimization initiatives we turn our attention to the sustainability of the realized improvements.

Project flow

Every single project is tailored to the needs of our client in order to ensure an optimal outcome. Generally, the first step in a procurement optimization project is to specify the required products and services in detail. This is carried out in close collaboration with the responsible purchasing manager as well as the responsible engineer. Based on the gathered information we compile detailed tender documents which are then sent to all potentially suitable suppliers. After analysing the obtained offers, negotiations with the most promising suppliers will be performed to turn out the best alternative. Your award decision for the most qualified supplier finally leads to the realization of savings.

Reducing purchasing costs: Operational implementation and measurability

Existing saving potentials within the material groups are implemented operatively in cooperation with our clients. Here you benefit from our success-based business model as well as from the simple measurability of the realized savings. These are immediately visible and help you to significantly improve your competitive advantage.

Methodology meets customer knowledge

In our projects we rely on the successful combination of specific customer knowledge with the methodological competence of Spring Procurement. This unique combination allows us to generate extraordinary financial outcomes.