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Added value

Our main target is to generate maximum value for our clients. We achieve this by tailoring our consulting services exactly to the needs of your company. Specifically, Spring Procurement will supply you with the following added values:

  • We are exclusively focused on strategic procurement management
  • We do not only identify savings potentials but also implement them in close and trustworthy team work with our clients
  • Immediate visible profits increase
  • Global procurement knowledge
  • One of our managing partners always bears the operational project responsibility
  • 100% performance based fee model (sourcing projects)
  • Technical and business expertise through project teams consisting of graduate engineers and business professionals
  • We focus on realizing maximum savings while maintaining or improving quality and supplier performance
  • Best-practice know-how through cross industry projects
  • Scientific expertise through close collaboration with the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the University of Vienna in studies of strategic procurement management