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Due to increasing competition and cost pressure a tight purchasing cost structure is growing in importance regardless of your company's industry or size. Savings in procurement directly enhance earnings and strengthen your competitiveness.

Therefore we are specialized in realizing saving potentials together with you to significantly improve your competitiveness and increase your return of sales. Our best practice methods allow us to reduce purchasing costs by up to 20%. Thereby, we focus on maximizing cost savings while maintaining your quality standards.

State of the Art Know-how

Spring Procurement’s consulting approach is constantly enhanced in order to meet future challenges. The substantial project expertise acquired in different industries and branches as well as the collaboration with prestigious scientific institutions, such as the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the Vienna University, guarantee our clients to benefit from the latest business tendencies.

We offer you our support in the following areas

  • Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Procurement optimization
  • Global Sourcing
  • Optimization of overhead expenses
  • Purchasing organization
  • Interim-Management
  • Trainings