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Interim Management

Interim-management projects our procurement managers take on responsibility for a defined challenge for a certain period of time. They serve as professional support within the scope of large-scale projects, to bridge shortfalls in staff or as crisis managers for your procurement organization.

Expert knowledge

Our extensive experience in the area of strategic procurement management (organization, processes, personnel management and development, sourcing, supply chain management, procurement controlling, etc.) are the key to realizing tangible results for our clients.

Bridging shortfalls in staff

The departure of the current procurement manager can emerge surprisingly and the search for a successor may take longer than expected. On one hand you do not want to rush a personnel decision in this situation; on the other hand the day-to-day business has to be managed as well: a classic case for an interim-manager.

Large-scale projects

In the course of extensive projects additional tasks have to be accomplished in a given time frame without negatively affecting the running business. In this case a professional interim-manager enables you tackling arising challenges.

Change Management and restructuring

If there is a need for change within your procurement organization (due to e.g. crisis, owner change, new business development, etc.) our interim-managers create the preconditions for a professional procurement management.