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Analysis and Benchmarking

Spring Procurement has developed its own methodology which helps to identify existing optimization potentials in your procurement management. Our potential analysis helps you to obtain a deep and structured understanding of your procurement procedures within a short period of time.

Steps to analysing savings potentials

The first step of the analysis phase is the gathering of all relevant data through Spring Procurement. Subsequently, numerous interviews are conducted with all relevant employees (e.g. procurement, engineering, executive board, etc.). Based on this information and considering the five procurement strategies (Supplier Management, Internal Structures, Quality and Specifications, technology and Global Sourcing) existing saving potentials are revealed. All possible strategies, derived from the phase of potential analysis, are the basis for an eventual project to implement savings.

Key points of an analysis and benchmarking project

  • Determination of optimizable material groups
  • Potential derivation for each specific material group
  • Identification of optimization potentials within the procurement organization
  • Development of strategies for the realization of potentials