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Spring Procurement was founded by Klemens Figlhuber, Georg Haas and Jacob Homan in 2007 with the goal to support midsized and large enterprises in the field of strategic procurement optimization. Our expertise is based on longtime experience in numerous national and international sourcing projects. Our clients esteem the implementation- and success-oriented approach that leads to sustainable and instantly visible results. A critical success factor in the generation of savings is the operational procurement know-how within different industries and branches. Our clients value that – exceptionless – one of the partners is fully responsible for the project operations instead of delegating it to young, inexperienced university graduates.

Success-oriented fee-model

In order to make optimization projects as riskless as possible for our clients, we get measured on our results. This means that we do not charge fix fees but only a percentage of the actually realized savings. Therefore, an efficient and effective project flow is guaranteed.


The achievements of Spring Procurement have already been rewarded several times. In 2009 Spring Procurement won the Golden Arrow Award at the international Consulting Congress com.sult in the category of Management Consulting. In 2010 Spring Procurement was elected as one of the WU Alumni entrepreneurs of the year.